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‚ÄčHome Owners Association

The Sunkist Gardens Home Owner's Association (HOA) provides a communication resource to keep all residents apprised of current Association activities and events around our neighborhood. All residents are encouraged to attend monthly meetings.   Check the monthly Chatter for date and time of meeting.

Homeowners Association Board Officers  &

Contributors - 2019

President  Sharon Curry *       Rules and Regulations  Kathy Trowbridge*
Secretary  Karen Errington*     Block Director  Henriette Renaud*
Treasurer  Michelle Jacobs*        Social and Recreation  OPEN
Communications  Vern Lamphere *    Sunshine Lady  Judy Vega
Emergency Response  Gary Beebe  Recycle  Gary Beebee       Call Center /Records  Vern Lamphere
Welcome Residents  Judy Crdawford  Funeral Reception  Judy Vega

HOA Sponsored:  Bob Nisle - Neighborhood Watch